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Originally posted by Bella Donna:
Originally posted by wineismylife:

Time to go pop a bag of popcorn.
Where did I say I was auditioning? I have to study tonight... Mad I'm just passing along information for those of you who are interested
You should definitely reconsider. At the audition, send them a link to "Steak Car Car". Bella, you are a shoe in for reality TV. Smile
Originally posted by Gigond Ass:
C'mon Bella, just think how much it would piss off Board-O, flubis, ArieS, Texas Vines, etc. etc. if you actually won your own restaurant.

I'm serious here, you have to go. THIS should be your priority!
I'm not that stupid...there is no way I would go as far as getting my own restaurant from Chef Ramsey. Nice try...I have a test to study for.

The only way I would go if another forumite accompanied me Big Grin Those auditions have long lines.
i have a hundred bucks for someone to accompany her as well

and i would be too busy fainting repeatedly if she won to be pissed off

you have it in you can do it

go go go go go

you could be the female AZN Blu.....Dewberry!!!

think how good you would feel if gordo told you what a good job you did and how he made you a real chef

do it for your family and your country!

on a side note.....bye bye hokie high.....HOOK 'EM BABY!!!!

VY for Heismooooon!

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