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Originally posted by spo:
It is tough to stick with a vegan diet. Frown

Yeah, there's an understatement.

I don't claim to be vegan, rather plant-based...that gives me plenty of wiggle room Wink

Fact is, we've gone, as a family, from having meat for dinner 6-7 times a week to zero times a week (and from eating bacon/sausage for breakfast on the weekends and sando meats, burgers and what not for lunches, to nil). And sure, we still eat meat on occasion, but it's the exception, usually as guests or at an event or in Mexico where it is pointless to even try to not eat meat.

I've got a buddy, does everything 110%, who is a big smoker...if he invites us over when he's cooking baby backs, there is zero chance I'm turning down the invitation. Been to Tacos al Gordo a few times in the last year. A Chanto Mariscado here and there. Hell, I had some Jack in the Box tacos last week, and a Filippi's pizza last month. But I tell ya what, I currently eat more fruits and veg in one week now, than I used to in maybe two months, maybe three, previously.

I ain't here to convince anyone, and I still love the taste of meat, but more and more, i come to the conclusion the shit is fucking nasty for my body.

Cheese on the other hand, is way harder to give up. So I don't give it up. I/we just eat a lot less of it. I have a block of Parmesan in the fridge now and tell myself, "Self...cannot buy more." But I probably will.
Originally posted by Javachip:
Originally posted by Jabe11:
... we're informed they do not serve wine, but do offer corkage at 10 bucks...

At which point your next phone call should have been to me.

Next time amigo!

quote: long as they were cool with me 'maybe' bending a spoon or knife...

This I will have to see in person sometime, on one of your bottles, not mine. Smile

Trust me here, this is less impressive than it sounds...
@Francis123 posted:

I decided to do a vegan diet about six months ago. Everything was fine till I faced issues with my bones and teeth. My doctor told me that I needed elements that I received from the food I ate before. So, I started taking calcium and multivitamins daily. Also, I joined the enhance club to get some health supplements there.

maybe you should stop taking so much cialis and go back to using viagra with your wicker basket purchased from the payday loan in michigan while drinking too much cheap california wine?

@g-man posted:

lol irwin.

I was thinking though, do bugs count towards a vegan diet?

There's always things like various mites that end up in veggies no matter how long you wash em.

G-Man-- good question.  My brother is a Mashgiach, which is a kosher culinary supervisor.  He works in the Washington DC area, and his job, in part, is to wash vegetables in a prescribed fashion so as to get rid of the bugs (which are not kosher).  They "triple wash" the veggies and I think they even wash some vegetables in detergent of some sort.  It's quite strange.  Plus, some vegetables are regarded as impossible to clean of bugs, so they are not permitted to be eaten at all (brussels sprouts, for example).  This is a form of insanity, if you ask me.

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