Mine has certainly changed, from deep, dark fruit bombs to wines that don’t whack me over the head with jammy fruit and gobs of oak.  How about yours?

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Probably no for numbers one and two. Verdict is out on number three.

More than any of those however, I think it just expanded.

When I was a child, my mother would let us taste some Riesling. I still love it. Somehow they had a bottle of Tokaji-aszu. It would have been commie-era and I have no idea how they landed it but they let us taste it and thought it was wonderful.

When I was older and started paying attention to wine, the first wine that I could actually remember and imagine was a Rioja that I liked. Still do. Then we tried some CA Cabs. I still like those very wines. Then I discovered Shiraz and still like that as well as the later-discovered Syrah from Cote Rotie and finally CA.

I didn't know squat about Nebbiolo and didn't like the first two or three I tried, but then I was told I was drinking it too early and some friends let me try some aged Barolo and I understood what they had been waiting for. Tasted some Sauvignon Blanc and wondered why anyone bothered and more or less still feel the same way about most SB.

Cab Franc from the Loire took a little longer. I didn't like it initially but when I came to appreciate it, it didn't displace anything. It just became one more wine to love. So I don't know if that's evolving, because all the originals are still in place.

I would say my palate just expanded to appreciate more wines. As to improving, sometimes I think I'm hot stuff because I can recognize a wine blind and then I find out I was way off, not even close, and realize I'm not hot stuff at all. Had a few big fails the past few months so I guess it hasn't improved much!

Anyhow, best to all and I hope everyone drinks lots of good wine in the new year.

The ability to correctly identify a bottle of wine is a high bar for evaluating your palate.  Mine’s rather low - is it red or white, does it taste good or not. 😉

Has my palate changed in the past 10 years (along with my willingness to spend more than $20 on a bottle of wine)? Um, yeah.

One of my earliest tasting notes on CT was for the 2011 Meiomi. Here's the last few lines of that note: "It's hard to call this a pinot. With its strawberry jam and chocolate combo, it's too big and sweet, and it tastes calculated. But it's also hard not to like. Damn you Meiomi."

So I knew it was crap, but I also liked it. These days, I think the gag reflex would kick in if I was forced to drink Meiomi.

In addition to moving away from fruit bombs to more elegant reds, I have also achieved a better sensitivity to, and understanding of, structure; its underlying components, how they express themselves individually and collectively at mid palate, before the first sip, and how they mesh at the finish.  

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