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I’d been contemplating winnowing my cellar of bottles that were in, or about to enter, their drinking windows.  Presented with the ability to spend even more time at home due to Shelter in Place, I finally put together a spreadsheet of what I was interested in selling, and got offers for the entire lot.  Was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t going to be as upside down as I expected, and as a result a not inconsiderable number of bottles were deleted from my current inventory spreadsheet, CellarTracker, etc.

Anyone else undertake something similar in the past several months?

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I've been drinking about the same amount, but buying significantly less. I'd made it a goal in 2020 to drink more than I buy. Between 2014-2019 I bought anywhere from 50% to 130% more each year than I was drinking. So far in 2020, I'm breaking even.

The main reason I've been buying less is because of the border closure. I do least 75% of my wine buying in the US. With no end in sight to the border closure (I've heard it will be at least January before it opens, if not longer) it makes no sense to buy wine from US retailers and wineries. I already have nearly 200 bottles in the US that I can't access. I don't need to add to that number.

As for the drinking side of the equation, I have a couple of bottles open at any time – a red and either a white or a sparkling. Mrs. S doesn't drink more than a 2 or 3 glasses per week, so it usually takes me a few nights to go through a bottle. That's the same as pre-pandemic.

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I recently sold nearly 8 cases, but most of those were sold prior to the pandemic altering our lives in the US.  It was driven by reduced consumption and approaching retirement (shifting towards a lower $/bottle mix).

I buy very little from local wine stores, so the pandemic itself has had very little impact on my purchases.  But similar to others, consumption of the better bottles has fallen way off in the absence of offlines.

I have a big figurative “donut” in how my cellar looks on paper now.  Lots of daily drinkers (Old World whites, French burg and N. Rhône, and a considerable amount of champagne) at the low end, and investment portfolio producers (mostly French, with some Keller and others thrown in) at the high end.  I’m mostly devoid now of domestic producers, save for MACDONALD, Thomas, Greer, Piper, Corra, Cayuse and a few others.  

It is a bit liberating to only focus on about a dozen producers going forwards.  Sure, I won’t turn away from most anything if the price is right.  But my days of trying to have as varied of a cellar as possible are over.  To quote Lt. Roger Murtaugh from the “Lethal Weapon” movies.......”I’m too old for this $#1t”

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