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Originally posted by DoubleD:
Why not? Whoever thought of a special glass for Barolo, Riesling, etc.? Perhaps a special glass for orange and apple juices. Smile

I do like the idea of a carrot juice glass!

My prediction . . . these things will hit the market at $20/glass ($30 for 2) as outlined in the link, and then quickly get deeply discounted when the sales don't hit Riedel's targets. They have done this with many of their beautiful but for all intents and purposes impractical decanters
This will go down as one of the greatest marketing strats in history.

Think of the mass appeal of Coca-Cola drinkers. Look at all the press they are receiving. Riedel has just introduced their brand to the consumer-base of the most recognized brand in the world.

I bet their projections of actuals sales of these glasses is practically insignificant, and I wouldn't be surprised if their marketing team was even being tapped to cover production costs on these glasses.

This is one of the most impressive awareness strategies I've ever seen. Well done, Riedel.
But is it the best for Cherry Coke Zero? Razz

Honestly, the glass looks really nice and is evocative of old-time-y diner coca-cola mentality. Coca-cola that has never seen plastic, or better yet, Mexican Coke type deal. Probably doesn't taste any better than from a standard diner glass, though.

OTOH, it is (almost certainly) total marketing hype and Jorge has it exactly right that this is probably more about brand awareness than anything else.

Still, the glasses look nice. Smile
Originally posted by fusionstorm:
Originally posted by The Old Man:
Originally posted by AmsterdamNL:
A glass of coke has way more calories than a glass of wine... Riedel or not.

I don't believe this is true. You can't speak of a "glass of wine", too non-specific. I they are almost the same, around 25 calories per ounce.

Unfortunately, both wrong:

I thought soda drinks were closer to 200 cal per can. At only 100 calories I guess giving up wine, with its much higher count, is a no-brainer.
Originally posted by Redhawk:
For the same calories, I would rather have a 4 oz pour of a good red wine than an 8oz pour of Coke.


A can of coke is 140 calories. A regular pour glass of red wine is 130-150. So I was wrong to say coke has way more calories, but still... When I'm on treadmill watching the calories click up, I'm measuring my exertion in glasses of wine, not coke.

Am a diet coke addict, however. I'll take it in an expensive glass, sure!

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