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I saw a thread not to long ago asking about the price of the current Harlan release. In the new Cali wine advocate it says Harlan will be going to 750 a bottle and Screaming Eagle to 850. Its a 13 percent raise for SE and a 50 percent increase for Harlan...The Harlan is a real surprise to me. I dont know anyone who was paying 500 for it let alone the new 750. Most vinatges can be had for 475 and under.
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I tasted twice at Harlan this summer (2013) and it is all going to Asia. They are confident that everything will sell, even with escalated prices.


Did they say the prices were going up when you were there? I visited early summer and they didn't say one way or the other, nor did I think to ask.
they have always been of the opinion that they would charge what the market would bear

Harlan very actively monitors and logs sales of their wine at auction and secondary markets, the marketing/ financial segments of their operation is very well organized
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If they are getting these prices then how come there is no waiting to get on the mailing list?? If they are really selling out then you would not be able to sign up and buy wine right away.

I agree. As a matter of fact, I received a cute little post-card from Harlan yesterday with some sort of motivational statement on it. I haven't purchased anything from them in (2) years. Why would they waste the postage if they were selling out?

I pose the question that if Harlan does in fact raise their bottle price by $250, is that in hopes of recouping lost revenue domestically with sales to Asia?
They offered their wines in the their traditional fashion two years ahead of release (futures) at the pre-release price of $500. They stated that the wine prices would go up at the time of release. So I do not think mailing list folks have been affected by a change in price, yet.

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