I have reservations for the Hardware Grill tommorow night. I have gone through their menu on the website, and have some ideas about what I want to eat. They do not have their Wine list online. Has anyone been there recently and know of any can't miss wines they are offering? Thanks.
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Sorry, CF. It's been a couple of years since my wife and I have been to the Hardware. They unfortunately do not allow corkage, so we tend to stick with Cafe de Ville, Red Ox, Wildflower etc.

Have a great dinner!
Well it was a good meal all around. I had the Bacon Wrapped Atlantic Scallop and the Rack of Lamb. The wine list while large, was very young. Most wines from the 2004 vintage to present day. The older wines they did had were marked up to insane amounts of money. I was really surprised at how limited their Bordeaux selections were. There are some ok values (for a restraunt) to be found. I ordered a bottle from Spain (surprise, surprise). The bottle was the 2001 Miguel Torres Conca de Barberà Grans Muralles. The wine was delicious and singing after about 45 minutes. It was $152 CDN. I had a glass of Grahams 30 year old with the "Small Endings" dessert. The bill was not so small. The food was cooked perfectly and the wine selection ok at best. I find myself wondering why I don't buy qaulity food, wine at cost, and spend sometime making my own elaborate dinners. It was worthwhile, because I had never been there. I will not be going back anytime soon. mitPradikat anymore Edmonton Restraunt suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

We often go to Characters. Not the best value in town but the food is generally excellent. Decent wine list, I think. I've only ordered by the glass there. No corkage allowed.

Sabor Divino has been good the two occasions I've been there. Very interesting wine list with a lot of Portuguese selections. Also no corkage allowed.

Jack's Grill had always been a great restaurant, and Peter Jackson knew his wines. However, I've not been back since Peter sold it so I can't say first hand if the quality has been maintained.

Culina is fabulous for the food, but they have a limited wine list and do not allow corkage.

If you're into local game, Normand's serves up decent (though not great) food and has a $15 corkage. Their other restaurant, Glenora Bistro, also has a $15 corkage but the food is kinda bleah.

The Blue Pear has great food with a small-kitchen feel, but is over priced. The service staff don't know as much about wine as they should. I've had corked wine both times I've been there, and both times by the glass.

I've been to Bistecca once. Very good food, but maybe overpriced. We did not have wine that night so I can't recall what the wine list was like. Definitely no corkage allowed. Probably one of Edmonton's only "celebrity" chefs in Sonny Sung, formerly of Sorrentino's downtown.

The ones I mentioned in my previous post all allow corkage.

That's about all we ever go to. After all, this isn't Calgary...
I was surprised to hear you say they don't have their wine list online. I had to check their site (which they revamped) and sure enough its not there anymore. My wife and I love the restaurant and try to visit there whenever we go to visit my in laws. We love it!

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