A little birthday celebration last night in NYC for DoubleD including g-man and CellarTracker friends featured a horizontal of 1996 Diamond Creek cabs paired with tagliatelle with veal bolognese, chicken under a brick, and ribeye steak.

1999 Delamotte bDb

NV Vilmart Cuvée Rubis

2014 Y de Yquem

1969 Mathieu Cesaire chateauneuf du pape

1987 Dominus

1987 ZD Estate Cabernet ( from magnum)

1989 Lynch Bages

1989 Leoville Poyferre

1996 DC Red Rock Terrace

1996 DC Volcanic Hill

1996 DC Gravelly Meadow

1996 DC Lake

All wines showed beautifully.  Among the DC's , the Lake was just a bit more complex than the rest and was the consensus winner, but it was like splitting hairs.  The Gravelly was a was close second for me, though I think others preferred the RRT.

The '89 Leoville was drinking beautifully last night- popped and poured and drank well from the get go.  The '89 Lynch was decanted for 3 hours ahead, and was still a little a tight by dinner time, but the nose on this wine was spectacular.  I didn't have to drink it, just sniff it all night.  It has a ton of life left in it.

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