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Yep. From back when they still made real movies instead of just blue screen slo mo special effects all spliced together.

I don't think he was ever in a movie where he ran out of a building in slow motion just before the whole building blew up behind him. Whew!

And while some of his stuff was kind of corny (Lust for Life), and some was over the top hilarious (Spartacus), he still did a fine job more often than not and even made some great films (Paths of Glory).

If he was in it I'd still watch it. He's really the last of a breed.
Originally posted by aphilla:
Al Kaline

What a great player! Never played in the minors. I was at a game at Yankee Stadium that the Tigers won. On the last play of the game, Kaline ran in, dove, and got the ball flipping over and breaking his collarbone. He layt on the field until they brought out a stretcher to carry him off. All the fans (This was in Yankee Stadium) stayed and stood until they carried him off and applauded.

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