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What's yours? I had

tapatio hot sauce

in my refrigerator, nothing else.

So I mixed the two together in tin foil and made a "Dynamite" ala sushi bar style, of course without the scallops, clams, shrimp, etc. I stuck it under the broiler until golden brown on top and ate it with a spoon. That's about the worst I've done, aside from maple syrup sandwiches. What's you're hall of shamer?
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Mine is a marinade, not a condiment.

In college, I decided to do some steaks and to also try a homemade Bourbon-lime marinade. I got some decent ribeyes and proceeded to empty a full bottle of Maker's Mark over 4 of them in a bowl. Then I juiced about 10 limes and sloshed it all around then placed a few lime slices on top and set it in the refrigerator for a day.

The next day I took them out and they were this funky yellow-brown color (the lime juice had started to "cook" the meat). After grilling we sat down to eat and proceeded to get drunk on our steaks. Seriously, they were so alcoholic it was almost like eating a few shots of bourbon.

All-in-all, a waste of a good bottle of bourbon and 4 steaks.

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