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I'm always looking for an outrageous value, but when picking from the under-$8/750ml-price range, my fancies have been few, fleeting, fickle and very quickly overstay the welcome they probably never deserved in the first place.

Do you have any back-alley wine encounters that have endured as sweet, though perhaps shameful, long-term romances?
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Originally posted by WineTrooper:
My wife and I had a three way with the Little Penguin (cabernet)which turned into a short term love triangle that we soonafter regretted.....

Sorry...just copying your context Big Grin

After one of the Little Penguin Cabernets received a glowing review from you-know-who at WS, I took her for a spin, but my brief encounter was basically over as soon as it had begun. Use 'em and lose 'em. Wink
Her name was Jewel, the second I saw her willowy neck at the Cost Plus, I knew she would be mine. She smiled the whole way home and said, "sugar, don't keep calling me Jewel, call me Petite Sirah."

Anyways, she smelled of blackberry jam, tart cherries and had long long legs. I was buzzed by her company, and bizarre as it sounds, she only asked me for $6.50 for her company that evening. Best part, I can go back for another one.
Originally posted by jnastynebr:
The lowest I will go for cheap thrills is the Dominus. This is my corkscrew

Well, I can see where such a corkscrew would not only be mildly arousing, but place a lower limit on the price of the wine one would drink. You can't very well open a $7 bottle of wine with a $71,000 corkscrew.

But if you did, think how you could relish the irony!
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For a while I liked Talus Pinot Noir. Then suddenly I hated it and can't bring myself to open the last bottle I have. I'm comfortable with that.

Lentini - you've got cahones, man. I remember getting a glass of that stuff on a Delta flight late last year, and remarking to the guy next to me " I know what the folks in Jonestown felt like...".

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