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Tonight I am grilling chicken breast stuffed with blue cheese, wrapped in bacon, seasoned with garlic salt and marinated in evoo.

Last time I stuffed them with Feta.

I am considering for future endeavours...

Diced poblano, anaheim or even ortega canned chiles and cotijan cheese.

Olives, pesto and mozzarella.

Basil, mozzarella, tomatoes.

Havarti and dill

something with taragon maybe chevre.

If you have any good combinations I would love to hear them. Send them my way. I am also considering doing similar things with pork tenderloin. If any of the above ideas look disasterous or you have a substitution that you think may work better let me know.
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The best way to stuff a chicken breast (imo) is to using a boning knife and cut a pocket into the meat. You can then stuff by hand, but the easiest/best way is to fill a pastry bag full of your stuffing and squirt it in there. By hand gets a little messy and it's harder to fit more stuffing in there.

Last week at home I made feta, sundried tomato and basil stuffed chicken breasts. At the restaurant we serve a stuffed chicken breast with coteghino (sp?) sausage, onions and spinach.

The only place I know of in the States to get this special Italian sausage is from ALPS Provisions in Long Island City, NY. I get it shipped to me, and it's quite good in this recipe.
Originally posted by Board-O:
spo, I have never made a stuffed chicken breast. Where do you place the stuffing, between the skin and the meat or do you cut into the meat or suture two boneless breasts together around the stuffing?

Hi Board-O,
I did it with two boneless breast. I put the feta inbetween them and used toothpicks to secure it. Last night I rolled it and that was a mistake. I prefer when there is more surface area of the meat coming in contact with the grill. Next time I am going to use bone in breasts and put the stuffing
in between the meat. I considered doing it by the bone but I do not think it is neccesary.

I like Ortega chiles. If I had fresh poblano or anaheim chiles I think it would be a mistake to stuff the chichen with them instead of letting them come in contact with the grill. I think grilling enhances the flavor. I could be wrong though.
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Originally posted by grunhauser:
Originally posted by spo1977:

I like Ortega chiles.

That's exactly what troubles me.

Is this about the Roger Moore comment?, I am sorry. One day you are telling Dave Tong he is looking for wine bottled by the Priory of Scion, a few days later you say Moore is the best Bond ever. How am I to know when you are serious?

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