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Back in the mid 80's Grgich made some of the best Chardonnay in Napa (well IMHO). It was pricey...$18.00 Roll Eyes

Now they still make good juice, but the competition has caught up with them and they charge far too much. They make an average Chard right now due to better competition. I recently had a 99, and it was going over the hill. The last 2000 I had was better but not as good as the previous ones I have had.

This is a wine I see at Costco for $28 all the time. I would rather spend the money on a Montelena.
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I've never been impressed with Grgich's reds. In particular, the Zinfandel has always tasted like boring, acidic, thin juice (yuck). Every once in a while, the Cab doesn't taste too bad. For instance, when the 1995 was released, I was actually impressed. I think I scored it 90 points upon release. The problem is that the Cab ages horribly. The acidity dominates and flavors fade quickly. I've had the 1995 a few times recently and it was horrible. Grgich's wines taste highly acidified and manipulated to me, but that's just conjecture.

I also had a bad experience in their tasting room. They were serving under-the-table reserve wines to a bunch of ignorant college girls who didn't know that Cabernet Sauvignon was red wine. Of course, they barely acknowledged my existence.

it;s ok wine but too expensive.

there are a few wineries real close on hwy 29 that have kind of slipped lately, CAKEBREAD,HEITZ,

Dont get me wrong, they sometimes pull out a great one once in a while but i agree that the competition has caught up with them and at their current pricing they can not compete.
Parker has been pretty harsh on Grgich of late. But I like the wines. Recently tasted the Cab, Chard, SB and Zin. I liked the cab better @ $45 than others we carry at the same price range (Caremenet Moon Mtn and Murphy Goode Brenda Block, for example). I thought the Zin was gutsier and more substantial than most we carry. And the Chard and Sb, while pricey were really nice.
Last time I was at Grgich we were a group of well lubricated Naval Officers (circa 1984) after having been at the picnic tables at V. Sattui. We stumbled into the small Grgich tasting room with the smell of sour dough bread, cheese, and wine on our breath. They kept the room open after closing for us and we had a great time and left with cases of the stuff. One guy picked this stuff called Zinfindel and he opened it in the car and was drinking it out of the bottle while we looked for a hotel. That was my first taste of Zin, (after we stopped...I was driving) and it was good. I am sorry to see both the quality and the apparent attitude go down hill...I have a fond memory of my visit to Grgich...too bad
20 years or so ago, Grgich was one of CA's better wineries. Their wines are still good but a myriad of wineries has passed them by. In August of 2002, we attended a Grgich tasting dinner at Henry's Evergreen in NYC. A winery representative, whose name I can't recall, poured the wines and discussed them with us, while the restaurant produced a dinner to compliment the wines. None of the wines at the dinner were poor, but none were outstanding.

Just one more sip.
I've had the '96 and '97 Cabs, and tried the '98 and '99 at the winery. They are slipping. Their pricing does not warrant much consideration.

Unlike some, I've always gotten very good treatment in the tasting room, and we're just around 30 yrs.

I've moved on to better values in the Valley, only having a '00 Violetta and a '94 Yountville Selection Cab remaining from them.


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