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Why we cannot have the health pass system like they do makes no sense - actually as we are a country of morons [almost 50% anyway] it makes complete sense.  QR Code on phone to prove vaccination required to enter restaurants, museums etc.

Mostly just very happy to be here and appreciating it all.  Have not been to Paris in a very long time.  Far more English spoken here now

I agree completely about the health pass system.  We have it in NYS, but it is not used much.  When I was in Marseille in September, I used the French #TousAntiCovid app all the time.  It was fantastic.

And yes, English is widely spoken. My French is atrocious, but it was fun to try (and appreciated).

Leaving on Thurs for 10 day trip out west.  Las Vegas, Zion Nat’l Park, Ring of Fire state park in the Mojave desert, Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs.

I might play golf in Death Valley where I will, no doubt, have the lowest score of my life.  That’s because the golf course is 210 feet below sea level!

Enjoy!  Had some great meals in Florence.  The Golden View, just on the other side of the Arno from the main part of the city has a great view and good fish. Also on that side we ate at a family owned small place, not elegant but good food, called Osteria Del Cinghiale Bianco.  This was 10 yrs ago, and knowing you, you have your restaurants all planned out.  Have a great time!

Flying out first thing tomorrow for a 4 day weekend in Madison, WI.  Our annual Jose Rodriguez Memorial Dinner (jar1).  Prepare for insane wines that no one individual should consume in one weekend.

Enjoyed so many wonderful wine  dinners with Jose in Houston over the years. NolanE and Steve8 made numerous of the dinners as well. Jose was an enthusiastic wine guy for sure.

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