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Originally posted by mountainman:
After living in Park City for a year and a half and exploring many nooks of Utah....most under appreciated state in the country.

and most beautiful, imo.

Capitol Reef National Park

Fishlake National Forest

Mount Nebo

Bridalveil Falls (the one in Provo Canyon)


awaiting the final dinner with the gigabits and latour67s
Originally posted by Board-O:
Yes, and there were some Washington wines we bought packed in an insulated cooler.

Qh, where are you staying in Sun Valley? We were there three weeks ago. Highly recommended is a visit to Craters of the Moon National Monument.

We have a town home in an area called Elkhorn Village. It is shared with the in-laws. We come a few times a year, but summer is my favorite. Did have a good meal while you are in town? Our two favorites are Vintage and Cornerstone. Craters of the Moon is a cool area. We pass it often. I'm here with my two pre-teens girls and their friends while my wife gets her son settled at WAZZU. She is meeting me hear after. I'll be ready for a few bottles of wine when she gets here Woot
Originally posted by Board-O:
Ever visit Frenchman's Gulch winery in Ketchum? We actually had an appointment there but it was for a Sunday and I guess the guy forgot. I wasn't expecting much, just a way to kill some time before dinner.

Never heard of it before, but you got me curious. I checked out their website. I'll have to see if I can find some in town if not try for a visit this trip. Walla Walla, Yakima, and Horse Heaven fruit. Thanks for the info.
Originally posted by Vino Bevo:
Originally posted by VinT:
Yesterday, Westminster Abbey and Tate Britain. Today, Tower of London and possibly a pint or two on a patio, enjoying 90 degrees and sunshine (!!) in London.

You've had quite the trip my friend! Sounds like the only thing that may have made it better is a swing through Texas! Wink Razz

Anything's possible, VB. Stay tuned later this year...
Originally posted by gigabit:
Originally posted by ThistlinTom:
About to be:
Ft Worth
Wichita Falls

Road trip....with dogs

Let me know if you would like to share some wine once you arrive in our beautiful state. Smile

Made it! Interesting trip, some very desolate areas and some beautiful places.

I will be in Midway for almost three weeks, should have a chance to drink a little wine.

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