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flwino posted:
bman posted:

Ithaca NY.

And earlier today Scranton, and last night Stroudsburg PA, a place so fascinating I forgot to post it yesterday!

You volunteered to go here?

A day of outlet mall and other shopping between NYC and Ithaca.  Great offline last night here with Haggis, Mrs. Haggis and some of their buddies. Back to Ottawa today!

italianwino posted:

Montecito and Santa Barbara for a few days celebrating our anniversary.   The raw beauty of this area is a true gift. 


IW, May you both enjoy your time together and Happy Anniversary. May you also enjoy a bottle of Champagne as special as the bottle we enjoyed together in Kentucky with I “think” your fiancé at the time. 

I think a bottle of red Burgundy as special as the bottle we all enjoyed together at our place in Santa Fe might be nice as well.

Safe travels!

seaquam posted:


Flying out in an hour for a few days in Hong Kong, then ship to Shanghai, Karatsu, Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo. Cherry blossoms should be in full bloom while we’re there; have been wanting to see that for years.😎

Bon voyage!

When in Tokyo, if you would like to go to a restaurant that serves an interesting dish of shellfish in river goo, ask Julie D about it.

And take the subway to the Ginza stop. At night. 

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