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I have been making Chardonnay from fresh juice (California Concentrate) since September.  The wine was inoculated with a bacteria (ViniFlora Oenos 2.0) at 0 brix and fed a nutrient (Micro Essential Oenos).  It has been topped off to 1/2 inch from the bung. The lab reports shows that it has complete MLF (<0.05 g/L).  It has been on French Oak Chips (1 oz) (10/26/22) and at first rack (11/22/22) American Oak chips were added (2.4 oz) Racked for 3rd time (1/3/23) and reintroduced French oak (2.4 oz).  Added Sparkolloid (2/22/23) and the wine is clear.  The TA is 5.6 g/L and pH is 3.65.  Sadly, there is little butter and lots of green apple in the taste.  Someone suggested Rapidase from Scotts labs others suggested a pectin emzyne.  Thoughts?

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Thank you for your reply.  Note that I am conducting monthly testing and adjusting the free so2 by additions of KMETA to maintain a free so2 level of 27 mg/L

Listed below are the details of the last lab report.

  • Alcohol 12.65 % vol
  • Free Sulfur Dioxide 14 mg/L
  • Total Sulfur Dioxide 44 mg/L
  • Molecular SO2 0.20 mg/L
  • Residual Sugar 2.4 g/L
  • Malic Acid >0.05g/L
  • pH 3.4
  • TA 5.6 g/L
  • VA .49 g/L
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We have been in Germany for the last 30 days visiting my daughter.  During that visit we enjoyed many wonderful beers and some local dry Chardonnay.  Those wines had little oak and no butter and lacked character but drinkable.  Once hone and a quick sampling of my wine proved that what I have created is far superior to those sampled.  Thanks to you and my tasting experience I am now satisfied that I have a good wine which requires no additional attention.  My plan is to bottle this wine in early June. Thank you for your input.  Send me your address and I’ll send you a bottle.  mitch

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