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I’m at the tail end of my western Scotland trip, and I wanted to share some beautiful drives that we took during the trip.  If you plan to visit Scotland, I highly recommend these routes.

Glasgow to Oban via Tarbet and Inveraray - I think I like this drive over the Cairgorns National Park.  It is stunning with lochs and mountains around you.

Oban to Kennycraig (ferry to Islay) - two lane highway (but not much bigger than a single US highway lane; very curvy with views of lochs and the coast.

Salen to Tobermory (Mull) - a single-track road with the coast on one side.

What are your favorites?

I’ve also done the drive from Portland, OR coast to Eureka, CA with g-man and the Pacific Coast Highway which were both excellent.



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Hwy 550 in Colorado, from Ouray to Silverton.

Hwy 12 in Utah, stop and take the hike to Calf Creek Falls.

Hwy 84 from Abiquiu to Pagosa Springs

All the small routes through the Sierra Nevada which I think are best east to west, 120, 108, 4, 88 and 49.  120 is the most famous but I like 108 it's less crowded.

On the interstate IS15 through the Virgin River Gorge can be surreal and even disorienting in the right light.

The Oregon Coast is fantastic, I've done it 3 times and I'm anxious to go back.  

One of my favorite adventure drives was Tierra Amarilla NM to Chaco Canyon, through the Jicarilla Nation and the Navajo Nation.  95, 550 to 57.  Most unpaved and it's really hard to tell what century you might be in.

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Ah yes ... the Road to Hana is a great one!

Done it twice and hated most of it.  The scenery is obviously breathtaking, but the actual driving on those death defying roads is something I hope I never have to do again.  The stops along the way are pretty cool, but I'll skip the drive next time.  My wife, on the other hand, loves it - so I'm sure it will happen again someday.

Sheridan Road north of Chicago starting in Evanston. You go by a number of Frank Lloyd Wright's including his only bridge. The wonderful Baha'i Temple with great gardens except in winter, the lake on the right and big houses from the 1920s to the 1950s on both sides. The number of them have been torn down in the last 20 years to put in some unfortunate choices. Also anywhere along this route you can usually head about a mile to the west and find the little money towns like Wilmette, Winnetka, Highland Park, and Glencoe. Many of them are loaded with their original shops and buildings from the early 20th century.

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