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I love cooking. Being a "purist," I usually do everything from scratch, especially Italian.

The day after making eggplant ravioli (making the dough, rolling it, stuffing the pockets, pinching it etc.) I came across a couple of Kitchen Aid attachments.

Since I have the KA mixer, it seemed like a no brainer to pick up the attachment that rolls and cuts the fettuccine and spaghetti AND the ravioli maker. Yep, all you do is insert the dough from attachment 1, and fill the hopper. Viola....fat ravioli.

Still from scratch but a lot easier and time efficient. Anyone else have any of the other attachments?
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Originally posted by KarenT:
Originally posted by WEc:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by tanglenet:
Don't buy their stove. We, unfortunately, did. We've had to have it serviced twice. Piece of junk.

Got one also (double-convection wall oven architect II series) and I love it. Which model are you having problems with and what was wrong with it? Eek


Kitchen Aid Superba about 5 years old. It's a stove with 4 burners with a dual conventional + convectional oven.

It uses a glass panel touchscreen for controlling the oven, timer etc.. That panel malfunctioned when 1-2 sensors went out. That had to be replaced. The knobs for controlling the 4 burners has a movement that you have to press down and turn to ignite the burner. 2 of these stripped so the burners would not turn on. The knob bushings have had to be replaced twice. Both times happened within 2 years of purchase. We bought the extended warranty, otherwise the cost of repair would have equaled the cost of the oven. If anything further happens to it, were chucking it for something without any electronics, and a simple turn on turn off knobs.
Originally posted by MiamiAtty:
Anyone looking for a stove....check out Wolf. Every guy should have a "trophy stove" at least once in life.
I have the 4 burner gas with griddle in the middle. Work it!

Great choice MiamiAtty. I have the same Wolf but chose the Grill in the middle. LOVE Cool the Wolf but never use the grill.

Rather use the outdoor grill and REALLY wish I'd gotten the griddle..... Ahhhh, the choices we make in life Roll Eyes Razz
Originally posted by bez780:
all most bought the top of the line K.A. dishwasher, but went with the BOSCH!!!!!
Big Grin

I got that and the french door fridge as well. All working well (so far). Almost went with the washer and dryer too, but it just seemed wrong to have "kitchen aid" product in the laundry room. Went with LG instead.
tanglenet...that is a serious stove my friend. Your skills will instantly improve with that monster. Beautiful classic look, and I considered it, but didn't go quite right with my kitchen design. was a coin toss for me too. I use a grill pan sometimes, but the grill would work much better for some things...especially if I don't want to fire up "El Papo" outside. The grass is always know?! Wink

VT2IT...totally agree...well said.

Wec...Bosch...very nice make. Considered that one as well but went with GE Profile elite with the freezer bottom. Now the HE3t Kenmore washer/drier kicks serious butt. Total performance and was Consumer Reports #1 when I purchased 'em. I got the pedistals to go with them, and now I never bend down to do a load.

You turn 40 and these are the things we talk about....sad. Big Grin
I am almost done, and I will not want to hear nothing about no countertops, faucets, plywood, grout and other related crap for quite awhile. And don't tell me Duravit ships direct, because now I know it means nothing...
3 bathrooms, 3000 ft of flooring and a fn' kitchen from Italy, all in 3 months. I am the Lance Armstrong of house remodels and I am a very tired man...I haven't cooked since mid-July...
And so I'm back to talking about chicks and t!ts and I have my wife's blessings. It's the perfect time to apply, you see. She was part of the same project only she also had me to deal with as well. Tough cards, kid. She's like, "get the hell outta my face and do whatever you want as long as you don't come back with some tile samples"...

tlily, when is the next party?? Big Grin

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