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I'm cutting and pasting this from another post of mine. It was one of my comments about a trip to South Beach, but I wanted the broader audience to see it and comment....
"Night 2 - Prime One Twelve - clearly one of the harder reservations to get. A week in advance might ("might") land a reservation at 11:00 for a Friday or Saturday. We ate on a Monday and it was jammed. Very nice appearance, but the tables are packed tight. I dont know how the servers survive it. Menu items were expensive, but portions are enormous. Server did a great job. I ordered a particular '01 Cal cab. The wine steward (I assume) brought a bottle, spun it over. I told him I couldnt see the vintage (it was a little dark). I asked if it was the '01. He said "no, it's the '02". (strike one...why didnt he fess up at the outset?). He assured me the vintage for that producer was fine and I told him that I was willing to be venturesome. The wine was great. I got the bill and the '02 was almost double the price of the '01. Needless to say, he neglected to mention that. Hmmmmmm."
How would you have handled this?
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Ouch. You got taken for a ride. Don't feel bad... happens to the best of us.

I probably would have asked as well to pay the 01 price from the wine list, and if they made a stink about it to tell them that no one advised me of the 100% increase.

If they wouldn't back down, I would probably pay the 02 price, but would then make it my purpose in life to post about them (much like you have done) on as many websites as possible.

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