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Dear Schoolmarm,
I participated in the Dec. TAA. Unfortunately here in AZ finding anything is near impossible. I ended up with Genofranco 2003. It was so acidic, fruitless, and took an hour and a half to be worthy of sipping. Yuck! I checked JS' notes and he enjoyed it, even stating that it was a great value for the money. I ran out to get another bottle and this second wine was just as his notes described: chocolaty, plum, etc. A true nero d'avola. What happened? I have had cooked wine, corked wine, maderized, and old. This was none of the above. Can you or JS shed some light on this? Same bottle, probably same case.
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Leading up to the TAA, I tried 4 or 5 different Nero d'Avola so I could get a better handle on what they are supposed to be. The Morgante was hands-down the best. (I've since bought half a case of it.)

A couple of the others were good, showing fruit and acidity and not too much tannin.

One of the others got poured down the drain. It was tart and thin. Rather than being made in a lean style (which I personally enjoy), it was just a poor example of the varietal.

But it sounds as though you got a bad bottle, if you drank two from the same case and the second was abfab. Since they were from the same case, shipping and storage are probably not the culprits -- I'd look at the corks. It could be that the first cork had some defects and let in some air or flavored the wine differently...

Anyway, glad that you got a second bottle that was good.
Her is JS' notes copied straight from the online wine search.

BTW, it's hard to tell with a plastic purple cork if there has been any damage.

I do know about bottle variance, and have experienced many cooked bottles in my time (I live in central Arizona). Paid $11.90 for it.

Can't figure this one out.

Winery: Genofranco Score: 86

Wine: Nero d'Avola Sicilia Sidney Frank Collection 2003 Price: $11
Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Issue: Apr 30, 2005

Light and fruity, with plum, berry and hints of dark chocolate and violets. Clean palate, chocolaty finish. Excellent quality for the price. Drink now. 4,900 cases made. (JS)

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