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Hey, differentdave.

No corkage/BYO legally permitted in the area. We do manage some BYO at offlines, but only because some of our members have "connections" at certain restaurants. It's a BYO wasteland here, unfortunately.

As far as restaurants are concerned, I'm sure that Festiva, irwin and cometspider may have some suggestions. This is more their neck of the woods than mine.

I've had several good meals at Tersiguels in Ellicott City, not far from Columbia. Their wine list is decent.

For small plates and a decent and eclectic wine list and good selection of wines by the glass try The Iron Bridge Wine Company.

BYOB's are against the law in MD, if the restaurant has a license to sell wine. If the restaurant has no license and doesn't sell alcohol, then they typically will permit you to bring your own. But, then, most of those places aren't so great.
One place is in Towson, called the Orchard Market Place. Owned by Iranians, it has very good Persian food. The service is on the slow side. You certainly need a reservation as it is usually full.
I am in town with a full case of wines, from 94 dominus to 01 Tignaello to some dice deserts, even have a 99 bollinger rose.
SO if anyone would like to meet in Columbia (was at a spot last night where the manager said, as long we can decant it into one of my decanters.......and I get a few sips I am fine with you bringing any wines you want.

That being said...bring it on!

Originally posted by Board-O:
You have little idea of many things. I have a wife. I travel. Someday, I hope you'll be able to say the same.

I think this is my all-time favorite Board-O post. And to think he doesn't like Italian wines because they're acidic.

And don't listen to him, PH (you ignored him well), having a wife is a pain in the ass. Wink

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