My wife bought a new sideboard a couple of months ago and decided to put most of my wine glasses are starting to get the wood smell.

Anyone figure out a way to prevent the odor effect (apart from not storing the glasses in another unit)?
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This is a problem at my Dad's. Basically, if I'm over there, I take the stems out (or ask him to) of the cabinet the morning I want to use them - or as soon as possible. Then, an hour or two before use, rinse them with wine to prep the stems.

The varnish/stain smell is not fun to deal with!
Store your wine glasses in a different cabinet. The odour will slowly dissipate out of the lacquer to the point where it won't smell, but it could take years.
I have this problem with my china cabinet. I just take the glasses out ahead of time.

I keep a few decanters in the bottom of the cabinet. I lay some Saran Wrap on top of them and they're ready to go right away. Too much work for the amount of stemware I have, but it works for the decanters.

It's a problem in many restaurants too. Rinse the glass before using. Sometimes it's the new sealer, sometimes the old wood smell. I rinse automatically anyhow. The idea of taking a cup or glass from a cabinet and using without rinsing is not something that appeals to me. Bugs, spiders, roaches, ants, etc.
I just store all of my wine glasses in the boxes they came in. No issues. I had a friend that use to put them in a dish washer and those glasses become unusable and had a suds odor that would not dissipate.

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