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Originally posted by Eb56:
Coming from a former appliance guy...stay the hell away from fisher and paykel if you can. If it's just for stems and glasses you can survive. If it were my bar I may even buy a refurbished Kitchenaid from before I buy a new f&p.

EB56 . . . agree with your comments on F&P UNLESS it is literally just for glasses. We had a F&P two drawer in our house when we bought it. We quickly learned to hate it because it almost never got dishes clean. Unless you under-pack the dishwasher, it just doesn't get things clean. That said, as a glass washer only, it was handy because we could run one drawer and not the other

To your point though, that's a lot of cash to pay for fashion over function
Originally posted by Stefania Wine:
Funny joke.

I had a good friend who was a bartender and one day she asked if I was going to have a second round. I said no I had to go home the dishwasher died.

She said - never say that in a restaurant, it means you have to go to a funeral for Jose.

Big Grin

When M and I first moved into our house, the kitchen didn't have a dishwasher. Whenever we had guests they'd offer to help with the dishes, but I'd always reply it wasn't necessary because I had the greatest dishwasher available - my wife.

Then I'd make up a bed for myself on the couch.
Originally posted by wine+art:
We have never washed our stemware in a dishwasher.

Certainly something to be avoided if possible. Oftentimes, in our house, laziness prevails. As a result, our daily drinking glasses are highly break resistant glasses from Korin (knife store in NYC). When they run a sale, which they do often, you can get 6 nice looking stems for ~$30. So when these "break resistant" glasses do in fact break, we're not so upset

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