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I'll risk the ire of those who police these forums for out-of-place posts and tell you I likely will arrive in Minneapolis on Tuesday Aug. 13 now that the Grand Slam is history. I'm open to any suggestion. Will be staying at the airport Marriott, but likely will have wheels, so I'm mobile. You tell me when you're available. I'm very flexible.
However, once the tournament starts I'll likely be working until about 8 pm each evening.
Actually, he's Tiger Woods himself!

I mean, it all figures, right? Now that the Slam is history he's arriving only in time for his practice round, but since he hasn't missed a cut since Year One, and he expects to be in the top ten and so will be on the course until 8 pm each night (those bloody sportswriters! [Frown] [Mad] ). And of course Tiger stays near the airport for those quick getaways to the Monday promotional appearance before the next tournament or whatever (and always stays at the Marriott for those Reward points -- one never knows when the back will finally go and he might need them!).

So, MBD, if you get the off-line with Tiger, and he passes on any tips, please pass them along to us, eh? (especially putting tips, it's by far the worst part of MY game!).

[Wink] [Razz] [Big Grin]

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