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Does anyone make this at home?

I looked up a few recipes and I noticed two minced cloves of garlic are mixed in and let sit in saltwater for 12-16 hours.

The next day the saltwater is drained.

The final step is to put the mixed veggies into olive or canola oil.

Is there any botulism concern with the garlic or will the saltwater or vinegar pickle or ferment the garlic and keep that from happening?
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Not much risk of botulism, but watch out for giardia!

Sorry for the bad joke. Botulism is a concern with foods that are improperly canned, bottled or jarred. If you plan to store your giardiniera in containers for more than short term, then I don't know what the risks are. Both acid and oxygen prevent the formation of the toxin, so vinegar and air exposure should help in that regard. The mixture should be kept refrigerated during and after preparation.

I have not tried making my own. At this very moment I am enjoying some Mezzetta brand giardiniera with spaghetti.

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