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Is horrible. I am a 33 year old recent graduate with a BS in Nutrition. My dream is to work in the wine industry but no one is interested at all in hiring someone... even for a tasting room associate position since I have no experience that is professional.

I have been an avid wine student
and drinker for many years. I am by no means someone with no exposure to wines.

Does anyone have any words of advice for someone wanting to break into this industry?

I would love to become involved in sales and management.
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Where have you been looking?

Around here it's not hard to get a job in a tasting room, providing you'll work for wine or for free to start out.

The basic rule is unless you're writing the checks, you've got to start out at the very bottom and prove your willing to work hard, and not just that you have romantic notions about wine.

Sometimes even if you do write the checks you need to start at the bottom Smile
I'm not sure where you are at but, Check out

I put in resumes (email) with three sonoma county winerys for a tasting room job. I got a phone call from one of them within a half hour. The other two called about a week later.

The first place that called wasn't looking for tasting room help, I kept playing phone tag with the second place, and ended up getting the job with the third.

Granted I did have a connection, but I don't think my 24 years retail experience hurt any, part of that time running a grocery store liquor dept.

Good luck.
I teach a class through SDSUs Extended Studies Program that is on this same topic (getting into the wine business).

I won't bore you with my story of getting into the industry but I will mention that I was willing to take ANY position regardless of the amount of pay. My first gig was as a part time cashier for a very large liquor & wine retailer. After 4 years which feels like just yesterday I am have a very satisfying career and I see a bright future for myself.

What I do in the class is bring in several industry professionals as well as those who have careers that fringe on the wine industry (ex. an owner of a cheese shop who deals with frequent wine questions/festivals etc.). This allows students to have an idea of some of the positions that are avail. in our area.

Next the students are to find a job description that fits their goals. They are then to disect the job and make a plan for obtaining that position. Some are shocked at what type of experience they would have to obtain while others find it thrilling.

Most people who have "good" jobs within this industry want to see that newcomers, want it bad enough to do whatever it takes.

This information may seem vague but the students that follow these directions call or email with their steady progression and they know what to expect.

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