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I'm finding it just as good, though it may be a little less eventful. This is possibly due to the decision to divide book three into two parts. I know there's a lot to cover in these books, but I think the challenge of compressing it each book into about 9 hours may make for a better TV experience.

For some silliness check out the parody in the new issue of Mad magazine.
Remember, no spoilers for those of us who haven't read the books!...

2 episodes left this season!

I'm totally thinking a Lannister is going to kill another Lannister. Any of them but Cersei might kill Joffery. Any of them might kill Tywin. I think (hope) Tyrion is safe for now. I also think Cersei and especially Jamie are safe for now.

(As an aside, the whole stuff with Theon I'm really not digging this season. I hope there was a point...)

Ok, so I'm assuming that was the surprise, right? Like, next week it doesn't turn out that Dany is actually a dude or something. Wink

Wow. Agreed that I saw a lot more in that storyline, especially because so much time was spent to develop it. I mean, REALLY a lot of time... wow.

That said, I was always curious how two competing "good" interests with separate agendas were going to work things out...

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