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Originally posted by jburman82:
I just read that season 7 will only be 7 episodes. I thought they were talking about stretching out to 8 seasons, not shortening the ones they had left????? Im guessing its because of huge CGI costs for the final few episodes but who knows.


That 7 episode thing comes from an off-handed comment by one of the lesser directors. BUT, it is consistent with a previous rumor that they were going to to 8 seasons with essentially a season 7.1 and 7.2. Typically, GoT is a 10 episode season; the show creators have said there will be about 13 episodes after this season, so that is consistent with season 7 being only 7 episodes long. If this is the case, though, they better not put a full year in between those seasons. Arghh!
Originally posted by jburman82:
Good stuff. Thanks JC.

HBO has confirmed Episode 9 is named Battle of the Bastards

Episode 10 is named Winds of Winter - the name of the next book. Will the Wall be coming down? Will the Night King and the Walkers and wights get past the Wall some other way? We shall see

Episodes 9 and 10 also directed by the same guy who directed Hardhome last season
How could anyone say that wasn't incredible television??

The scene where Rickon is running towards Jon - sure, we knew exactly how it would end - but tell me it wasn't gripping to the last moment?!

Once Jon was standing alone, and the cavalry was coming for him, the way he owned the moment just before his army arrived was hair-raising.

The battle was the best TV battle scene I've ever watched - and gave Saving Private Ryan or Braveheart a run for its money.

The way Bolton decided to "finish them off" with his army surrounding them was amazing.

That moment that Jon makes his way out of the dead bodies and locks eyes with Bolton.

I could go on.

I get that it was predictable, but the direction of the episode was as good as it gets IMO. Truly fantastic TV.

PS: You know the battle was incredible when the scene with Dany and her dragons is a footnote! We've been waiting, what, 5 years?? For those dragons to kick some ass and they did not disappoint.

Again, amazing TV.

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