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Originally posted by Jcocktosten:
Excellent episode last night - no Dorne - amen.

Overall a good episode.


Bye, bye, Balon. Good riddance.

Bye, bye, Roose. You deserved a slower, more agonizing death. I hope that Walder Frey doesn't die so quickly.

Hello, Jon Snow. We all knew it was coming, but it still was nice to see.
Well that was fucking great. Besides the kicking ending there were many great scenes. I think the only weak one was Jonathon Pryce's speech, as much as we love to hate him, went on a little too long.

I've meant to mention this seasons ago but I'd like to point out that the interior of the court at Meereen is heavy influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright's 1920's Los Angeles houses. Except for the one room with the pyramidal roof, there's particularly a lot of the Ennis Brown house in set design.

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