Does anyone here use those funky little funnels when decanting your wine? I'm particularily interested in whether the screen makes any real difference. Is the mesh fine enough to catch all the evil lurking in the bottom of the bottle or just the larger pieces?
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I have a Sterling Port funnel with a built-in screen, bought out of that WS insert, couldn't do without it for mature VP. The screen helps you see the first sediment; I never try that hokey, cumbersome flashlight or candle trick. When I stop pouring depends on how much is left, how much I want to waste, how much sed I want to put up with, etc.
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I can't imagine there is anything that would make you stop pouring before it's ALL gone. Big Grin

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I think there's a misunderstanding here. The original topic seems to be about those delicate little DECANTING funnels, while the one that you use has a 1.5L capacity if you take the rubber hose into account.

nope. mine is a delicate little riedel DECANTING funnel. still no mesh... Roll Eyes

and to quote vinny barbareno..."up your nose with that rubber hose"...ya'll... Razz

By the time the sediment is coming out of the bottle you will be pouring the cloudy wine that resides just above it in the bottle. This can taint the flavour of the wine. For me there is no replacement for the above mentioned flashlight/candle trick. No screen needed. I think the funnels are cute and I would use one if I received one as a gift, but don't make any differnece in the decanting process. Fun to watch though.

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