A friend is selling off part of his collection, I said I'd post a reference to some highlights. He is selling through an Acker-Merrall online auction that closes Sunday November 11. See ackerwines.com/content/livebidding/lots?auctionId=1207. You need to register with a credit card to bid.

For the Martinez, search for lot 21942. He had a number of these at one point, and I got to partake in one. Best bottle of port wine I ever experienced, just a delicious array of tastes, with a sophisticated smoothness I have not had before or since. And the house is not as well known as some of the bigger names. Go figure.


The Johnstone & Sadler is just the oldest bottle I ever saw in person. Recorked I think 30-40 years ago - not like a madiera that sat in a vat or barrel, with additions and subtractions over the decades, this has been aging in bottle for 150 years, bottled the year before they finished the first USA continental railroad. There was a bit of seepage, which is not completely unexpected in a bottle so old, but on the other hand my friend got to taste a drop or so, and said it was still a sweet fortified smooth drink, did not believe it could be so old, and much less money than anything else from the mid 19th century. This is lot number 21941.


Some of the others he is selling in the same auction:

lot 21940 - 4 bottle - 1991 Graham's Vintage Port LBV

lot 21945 - 1 bottle - 1970 Presidential Vintage Port

lot 21948 - 1 bottle - 1970 Warre's Vintage Port

lot 21939 - 1 bottle - 1984 Warre's Vintage Port LBV

lot 21946 - 1 bottle - 1970 Royal Oporto Vintage Port 

lot 21947 - 1 bottle - 1985 Royal Oporto Vintage Port 


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The Johnstone is interesting in the sense that it's a smaller british merchant that specialized in spirits.

I'd be curious what port was actually in that bottle and most certainly what the heck it was reconditioned with.

I'm curious as you yourself are a wine distributor, when you say 'reconditioned', you mean on recork 'fortification' could have been added? The fill level is mid shoulder, if I recall, consistent with the stated age - if it had been refortified, it should be higher. The rebottle was done by Whitwham’s & Company Wines Ltd. which from what I understand was a reputable firm back in the day. I do agree with a bottle this old, and a rather small house, what actually is the grape's provenance is likely the makings of a 19th century detective story.

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