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I'm making room in the storage space and these are the higher end bottles I'm looking to unload. Prices are 10 - 20% lower than WS lowest price. Styro shipper is on me, buyer pays shipping. The bottles are in offsite temp controlled storage so I'll need a couple of days to get to them. Paypal preferred.

2002 Marquis Philips Integrity Shiraz RP99 - $175
2002 Joseph Phelps Backus Cabernet RP96 WS92 - $150
2005 Pine Ridge Fortis WS91 - $85
2002 BV Clone 4 SV Cab - $75 (2 of these available)
2002 Mommessin Clos du Tart WS93 - $175

Email me jorge at artisanmg dot com

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