I am working with a dear friend to sell some of her prized wines.
These are all winery direct (WD) or from Hart Davis Hart (HDH.)
All wines have been, and are currently, pristinely stored in the HDH storage facility. 
All bottles are 750ml unless otherwise listed, e.g. MAGNUM or 5L.
Wines with quantities of more than (1) are priced as a "lot" unless listed as "/btl" so not to break up the case. 
(For example, the DP, Colgin vertical, B&B, Promontory, etc.) 
I am willing to break up cases if there are 2 or more buyers interested in splitting.

Buyer pays shipping costs from Chicago, IL. (i.e. HDH's facility)
Title passes on to buyer when payment is received. 

Any questions (or price disagreements), please feel free to PM or email me directly. (EMRinVT@aol.com)
Some real nice wines. I wish that I had the $$ for some of them!
Thank you for looking!


(12) 1995 Dom Perignon (OC) ------------------------------HDH-----$3,250


(1) 1982 Chateau Cheval Blanc-----------MAGNUM----HDH-----$3,500 

*Beautiful bottle! Excellent BN fill level! Pictures available. 


(2) 2013 Acumen “Peak”- -----------------MAGNUM-----WD------$325/btl

 (6) 2008 Barret & Barret (OWC) ---------------------------WD------$1,350

 (12) Colgin “Herb Lamb” -------------------------------------WD-----$4,875

        (3)’96, (3)’97, (5)’98, (1)’99

 (10) 1990 Dunn “HM” ----------------------------------------HDH-----$225/btl

 (1) 1995 Harlan “Estate” (OWC) ---------MAGNUM---HDH-----$2,700

(6) 2000 Harlan “Estate” (OWC) ---------------------------HDH-----$3,500

(1) 2000 Harlan “Estate” -------------------MAGNUM----HDH-----$1,200

 (9) 2005 Heitz “Martha’s” -----------------------------------WD------$160/btl

(3) 2007 Heitz “Martha’s” -----------------------------------WD------$250/btl

 (1) 2012 J. Phelps “Backus” (OWC) ------MAGNUM--WD-----$500

 (3) 2007 Ovid “Red Wine” (OC)-----------------------------WD-----$900

(1) 2009 Ovid “Red Wine”-------------------------------------WD-----$300

(1) 2009 Ovid “Red Wine”------------------MAGNUM-----WD-----$650

(1) 2010 Ovid “Red Wine” -----------------MAGNUM-----WD-----$1,000

(1) 2011 Ovid “Red Wine” (OWC) --------MAGNUM-----WD-----$500

(2) 2011 Ovid “Experiment S3.1” (OC) ---------------------WD-----$150/btl

 (1) 1995 Pride “CS”----------------------------------------------WD-----$110

(1) 1995 Pride “CS”---------------------------5L-----------------HDH----$1,000

 (3) 2009 Promontory (OWC)----------------------------------WD-----$2,500

 (1) 2005 Robert Foley “Claret”-------------MAGNUM----WD-----$250

(2) 2008 Robert Foley “Claret”-------------MAGNUM-----WD-----$275/btl

(1) 2009 Robert Foley “Claret”-------------MAGNUM-----WD-----$250

 (2) 2009 Schrader “Old Sparky” (OWC)---MAGNUM---HDH---$1,000/btl

 (1) 2008 Screaming Eagle (OWC)----------MAGNUM----HDH----$9,500

Original Post

Definitely interested in some of these bottles but some are 35% above WS Pro Low. For example, the 2010 Ovid Mag listed at $1000 is available at Benchmark Wine for $650. If you wish to sell them here I’d suggest dropping the prices to very close to WineSearcher Pro lows and start the negotiations there. 

Thank you for your input! My intention was to price close to WS Pro Low. Since these bottles are all either "Winery direct" or "Hart Davis Hart" direct (and you know their standards!) and have gone directly into a professional storage facility, they are worthy of a slight premium over WS-P low. BUT, making an offer is always an option.  :-) 

As for the 2010 Ovid Magnum......Benchmark didn't have it when I posted. The only mag was Wally's for $1,000, hence my pricing. 


Picked up 05 Martha's for 115 locally. They came direct from Heitz and are sitting in temperature controlled cellar in store. There's more if I want it. Picked up an Ovid Experiment with more age and much better vintage around $100 locally. A local store recently sold 12 cases of Dunn plus magnums from the 90s and early 2000's that had been in owners seller since release. Every bottle looked like it just came from the winery's cellar and they were all around $100 for the HM's.

If any of these bottles was off or corked I have recourse to get refund or replacement. What is your policy? These are costs they have. It's why people will pay more from a reputable retailer. 

These are some great wines but your prices are consistently 30% above what I could easily obtain them for from a reputable retailer. When you are ready to be a dear friend in return to your dear friend have a talk with her so you can actually help her sell them. They are great wines

Hey BOMBA503.

CONGRATULATIONS! You definitely scored some sweet deals! 

Pricing at that shop for these wines is certainly rare.  

$115 for 05 Martha's is ridiculous! Buy all you can for that price. 

As for Dunn HMs from 90s and early 00s for ~$100, another nice score. 

A valid point regarding corked bottles. (What private seller on this board or WB or other would offer a refund for a bottle with TCA?)

Thank you for your points. As for the pricing.....I am open to offers, hence my "price disagreements" comment in my initial post. 


Or your prices are just too high. If they were in line people  would be knocking down your door. And to answer your question no private seller would offer to replace the bottles that were bad. That's exactly three point and why you'll need to discount well below lowest retail.


In a surprise to no one it seems you got a similar reception over at WB. If everyone effectively says it is you not them maybe you should consider listening to them


When your friend is ready to sell at fair prices it will be easy. Until then your wasting everyone's time including your own

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