Brashley and his family will be in town to join myself and wineglas for a Chateauneuf du Pape offline. Last years dinner was a great event and we have room for one or two more people. The event will start at 5:30 pm and each person will be bringing one bottle. We will taste blind. It's free to park and there is no corkage fee. We will be ordering off the menu and paying in cash since we are not members. We will have a private room with unlimited Riedel glasses. There is valet and coatcheck if needed. Will be a really fun relaxing night of food and wine. Smile
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Mimik, I don't have any 95 Pegau on me but I agreed to trade a magnum of 97 Dominus with my brother for his last 95 Pegau and a 98 Beaucastel. He will be visiting from St Louis in march so I will hang onto it untill the 2009 Cdp christmas offline. Unless you make a visit back to the twin cities. Wink

as long as my cousin doesn't flake (which I am 99% sure he will not) then there will be 5 in my party. Cousin told me he'd take care of buying his bottle, so I don't know what he's bringing.

Looking forward to it. Cool

- Brian

P.S.: If you bring that '00 VT I can assure that the '01 VT will be there ... let me know. Of course, I'm especially looking forward to the Pegau! Big Grin
Brashley, once again a great night of wine. I know next year I will be bringing a 1995 Pegau for sure. I will search for an old Beaucastel as well to bring. I always enjoy you and your families company. wineglas and I will be looking forward to it all during the 2009 year. Razz

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