No formal notes, but this was nice. My first experience with the fresh ones,alot better than frozen. With the butter or mustard sauce, the wine was a perfect match, the acidity cut right through the butter, nice and minerally too. Then we did the Pork loin with the framboise redux again,not as good as my last one, but still good. On the side was fingerling potatoes with garlic and italian herb w/evoo and acorn squash fill with butter and brown sugar. Dessert was a Peche Mortel,a canadian Imp. coffee stout a 100 beer of the world.
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We get frsh stone crabs in Florida several times a year. I love them, but still prefer lobster. With the mustard sauce, a NZ SB seems to go pretty well.
Sounds good, I shall try the SB tonight,still have some left over. And I ment top 100 beers of the world on my first post...early in the morning. Cheers!!
The fresh claws are a must. The frozen ones are terrible to eat; the meat sticks in the claw and is difficult to get out.

This year's stone crab season is going to be very expensive, due to Hurricane Wilma. Prices in the local area are going through the roof (pun intended).

I like champagne best with stone crab, but a NZ sav. blanc is also very nice.
Just found this thread. Rothko gave you good advice on both the crabs and the wine that pairs with them. I would just add that as a 3rd option that a German Riesling is also a great pairing with stone crabs.
I was going to say I never had one fresh or frozen, but then I realized it might be t otherwise known as tourteau ....and yes, I would not touch the frozen one.

These are so good with fresh Muscadet. Big Grin

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