I know that I'm going to get a bunch of noses out of joint here, but in my opinion, on the whole, French wine sucks.

First of all, it is way too dry for me. Even the CdP's are too dry for me. I was at a Francophile's house over Christmas -- he handed me a glass of the "good stuff." I drank it, and then asked for something a little fruitier. He then opened something else, and it, too, was dry as a bone.

Next, it is WAY too expensive. The very best Califronia wines run around $175/bottle. The very best French wines run around $1000/bottle. To me, this is not a result of a product that is seven times better. Please!

The really good stuff takes too damned long to be "ready to drink." We can't all have the palate of DRAB, and I'm just not patient enough.

I can't read the labels.

The whole Controllee Appelation mess (whatever the hell you call it) is a joke. Why is it that there are fifth growths that are far better than some of the first growths?

Government control -- bad idea!

I should disclose my bias -- I don't really like French people either. Now, generally speaking, most of the French people who are involved in the wine industry are pretty cool and I'd love to have them over to my house for dinner. But in the final analysis, when I think of French people, I'm thinking they're all a bunch of Jacques Chiracs. Hard to separate my distaste for the French with their wine.

And when it comes right down to it, the taste of the wine just doesn't do it for me. I mean, a nicely aged bordeaux is "fine," but that's really it -- just "fine." I'd rather have a young CaliCab than a six year old Bordeaux. And I'd rather have anything Aussie, an OR or WA pinot, or a Argentinian malbec.

And as G-Dead points out below, French wines are corked 2-3 times more often than California wines.

So -- there it is......
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I kind of like the rant...I actually just had my first bottle of french wine in a few years this past weekend...a CdP...really as a comparison to the February TAA wine

Patrick Lesec Selections CdP Marquis 2001


Rosemount GSM

Well....the french CdP was not too dry for me...actually was very fruit forward...really liked it, but for $7 less....I'll buy more of the Rosemount
Well said and I totally agree, but with 2 exceptions.

1) Alsatian wine. In any event the Alsatians are not French, they may speak French and they may be governed from Paris, but they are NOT French.
2) Champagne. As much as I don't like to admit it Champagne is still king of the white fizzy drinks.

Another thing I'd add to the list
- The climate is too variable and you have to watch out for dog vintages full of undrinkable wine, along with it's related partner of the French practice of using good vintages to ratchet up the price of bad vintages.
Golf&Pinot, you have definitely hung yourself out to dry on this one, my friend. While I have been very frustrated with the rising costs of French wines lately, I must say that when it comes to my own experiences in wine drinking the finest Pinot, Chardonnay, dessert wine, Sauvignon Blanc, and sparkling wine I have tasted have all been French. When you read reviews for some of the better California wines you often see comparisons made to the finest French wines. France pretty much has the benchmark for fine wine world-wide. Yeah, the aoc is confusing as hell, yes their methods are a little odd, yes some of their wines do cost $1,000/bottle, but when it comes to setting the mark for the finest wines produced, France pretty much takes it in all categories....
the finest Pinot, Chardonnay, dessert wine, Sauvignon Blanc, and sparkling wine I have tasted have all been French

FSU...damn good thing I dont drink any of this swill Big Grin

Of course...I do love Port (not french)

The Gator has spoken and the Seminoles lost Big Grin

I had to say it...LOL

However I do want to know...when is the '01 Don Melchor arriving...I found a bottle a some small Pembroke Pines store while visiting my I've been tempted by the nector...and looking to ABCFWS to provide more..hehehe
I keep thinking that my affinity for New World Wine is just because I have never had a real great French wine?
I've had what others would consider excellent fine French wines before but yet I prefer New World stuff. I believe that in order to enjoy aged French wine it is a taste that must be acquired.

I'll bet that if you take a 10 year verticle of Grange or Screagle and pit that against a 10 year verticle from any 1st growth chateau that the Grange or Screagle will have a higher average rating.

Another thing that bugs me is that when people defend French wine they always talk about 1st growths, Y'dquem and the great champagne houses, they never want to talk about the vin ordinaire.
All right, I'll bite.

I'm happy to defend French vin ordinaire, or more accurately the good QPR that I believe is out there and can hold its own with anywhere else in the world. For under $20 Canadian there is really good Cotes du Rhone, Vacqueyras, and Languedoc to be had. Beaujolais in a year like 2003 may be one of the world's truly great QPRs. You don't have to spend a fortune to buy enjoyable stuff from France.

I don't doubt french wines are good, however when the QPR argument comes out.....please, please show me the way

Please show me a cheaper french wine that can compete with these two Chilean (my favs) from the 2001 vintage

2001 Clos Apalta $55

2001 Don Melchor $40

The prices are what I bought both of these for...Clos Apalta in 12/04 Pembroke Pines, FL ABC Fine Wines & Spirits

Don Melchor - 02/13/04 Masters Wine & Spirits Pembroke Pines, FL (Ft. Lauderdale)

Again...I'm not saying there's not quality...but give me a French wine that can compete with these 2 at these prices in 2001...we all know 2000 is way, way overpriced

If you went into a store and bought a random $20C (that's like $3 US isn't it?) French wine what are the chances that it would be better than a $20C Aussie wine or a $20C Spanish wine? Just because there are some QPR bargains out there doesn't make the average vin ordinaire good wine.

I suppose what I'm getting at is that if you cherrypick your examples you can make a case for French or US or Spanish or Australian or NZ or Argentinan or Italian wine as the best wine in the world.
The point is for French wine, to get a QPR bargain you have to know what you're getting (producer/region/vintage). In looking for QPR bargains from other countries you're taking much less of a risk.

Out of my price range. I'll let someone else pick up the gauntlet on that one.

I'm not arguing the superiority of French wine in every vintage, at every price point. I'm just saying that France can, and does, make good "everyday" stuff competitively.

$20C (that's like $3 US isn't it?)

OK, humour to be funny requires a bit of in FL if you see a pink person running around amongst us the winter....they must be from Cananda, therefore you must still divide by 0.80 roughly and you will exceed $20C by $5C

Yes I know where it was, my company has a CAD$ account...and guess what...its staying there for now

For me, a big part of the fun is knowing what you're looking for - not least because of hiking trips through the parts of France that I enjoy mean that many of the appellations mean more than names on a label. The geography and history adds to the enjoyment.

I'm not trying to make a case for French superiority - I'm only suggesting that French plonk can hold its own with the plonk from the other places you mention. Be a bit surprising if, after 2000 years' practice, they couldn't.



Out of my price range. I'll let someone else pick up the gauntlet on that one.

I'm not arguing the superiority of French wine in every vintage, at every price point. I'm just saying that France can, and does, make good "everyday" stuff competitively.

If that was out of your price range but this...I have not found a better QPR than Washington State, USA Cabernet - $7.99 Columbia Crest Grand Estates
I'm really disapointed to read that.

I will do like as you when you come in France, speak in my proper language even if I'm in a foreign country:

C'est désolant de lire des choses comme ca, pourquoi faire la guerre entre les vins francais et les vins des USA ? C'est nouveau ?
Qu'avez vous à prouver ?
vous ne fait que renforcer l'idée que vous avez envie de regner en maitre dans le monde et etre les meilleurs pour tout.

Acceptez les differences, acceptez les terroirs et leurs differences. La lattidue et le cépage ne fait pas tout.

Quand aux prix, ca n'est pas parceque le prix d'un vin elevé que le vin sera automatiquement meilleur qu'un vin moins cher. Je suis effaré de voir que vous pensez cela.

Voila, ca n'est pas pour cela que je vais arreter de gouter vos vins, il y a toujours des bon domaines à dénicher et ceci...dans le monde entier...

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