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I've got the opportunity to take my wife to the French Laundry for our anniversary.
This is probably the only chance we will get to go there and I'm curious as to what the wine list is like, particularly with regard to prices. What is the mark-up? Are there good wines at a reasonable price (by which I mean less than $100, preferably significantly less)

I understand that corkage is $50. I have a reasonable cellar, mainly Californian and Australian wines priced in the $40-$100 range. What's the cross-over point whereby it becomes worth bringing your own wines as opposed to ordering off the list? Typically when I go out I order sparkling and/or white wines off the list and bring older red and dessert wines

Presumably there is a wine pairing option? How much does it cost, and what sort of wines do they pour? Would you recommend it?

Including tax, tip, corkage, wine etc. what should I expect this evening to cost?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Originally posted by snipes:
Plan on $600 per person with corkage

WOW! I've toyed with the idea of going at some point and I knew it was very expensive, but man oh man.
If you order the foie gras supplement that's probably about what it costs. If you order white truffles, figure more....

It used to be $240 per person. Foie was about $50-$60 extra and white truffles were a couple of hundred.

A bottle and a half per person or two if you dine with our crowd and your probably at $500 each. If you decide to tip any extra over the service charge you are getting up there...

You could get out for about $500 I guess. Have the truffles, you're worth it....... Big Grin
We have been several times, the most recent was last month. The wine list is extensive and the prices are on the high side. The wine service is only as good as the Som assigned to your table. (Unfortunately not great at our last visit). There is no pairing. There are wines by the glass. They will send you the wine list ahead. Rule of thumb is it's not nice to take a bottle they sell.
And to answer your last question, GA is about right- We did one foie, 2-3 glasses each and split a bottle with the other couple. The wine was in the good not wow category. Tab was $1700 for both of us.
A word of caution- they add the tip, which is explained on the website and at reservation, but it is not obvious on the check. They also leave a space for gratuity open, so you can tip additional. Makes it more confusing.
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