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Can someone help me with this? I just received a case of 2000 bordeaux wines that I purchased from a CA distributor and because of our -10 degree weather one of the bottles came a bit frozen. It actually leaked a bit, but the others did not and didn't appear frozen at all, just very cold. My question has to do w/long term storage of these. I have a cellar that is 55 degrees and good humidity, but did the real cold temps hurt the wine (other than the frozen leaking bottle)? Any help with this is appreciated.
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If the wine is for consumption and not future sale, I would remove the capsules and carefully inspect each cork for leakage.

If the wine did not actually freeze, and that is questionable due to the evidence of one of the bottles being frozen, they should be OK.

The biggest problem with wine being chilled to that level is the expansion of the wine in bottle compromising the cork.

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