Found it what is it ?

This could be interesting.  It looks old (duh).  Is the vintage legible anywhere on the label?  Or maybe on the cork, if you can read it through the glass?  Where and how has it been stored over the years?  If it has been stored properly (on its side in a cool dark place, 55 F or so, free from vibration or frequent disturbance), then it might be drinkable.  How high is the fill level?  Please take more photos with the bottle standing upright, showing the level of the wine in the bottle, and also a close-up of the top of the bottle showing the cork and foil capsule.

It appears to be a Pomerol, so it's mostly or entirely merlot.  A quick search on Cellartracker suggests the producer was still in business as of 2007.

Hawecker posted:
Hello ser I found the bottles at my grandfathers home I think he brought it back from ww2 I myself am missing my left

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Of all the things he may have brought home from WWII (guns, cognac, venereal disease), I'm not sure why he chose that crummy wine.

But now you have me curious- You are missing your left.......  what?  


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