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gregt posted:

With all due respect to Robert and the rest , it's about social distancing. I don't think they want anyone to show up here until this coronavirus thing is over.

Because nobody would do this on purpose!

Unless there's some money saved by not including those little lines that separate posts . . .

Don't forget they also used to insert a date, some real money savings there without it.

BRR posted:

Hi, Gals and Guys.  It's been a really long time since I last logged in.  Oy vey...this format!  How is everyone doing?  As well as can be expected in these odd times I hope.

Good to "see" you again, BRR. After this virus blows over, we need to get together for a bottle or two. Maybe get a proper "offline" going with everyone in late Spring/early Summer?

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The Old Man posted:

That's weird, I don't have it either. And I am logged in. I think bill has special Wine Spectator privileges. He could be a spy!

If you’re on mobile, the hamburger menu is in the top left corner of the screen. Click it and the page slides to the right to reveal the menu. If you’re on desktop, the magnifying glass is in the top right corner. Also, the Advanced Search feature is much better than the default search box. 



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