No attempt to be pedantic here, but I was musing on the words forum and magnum in a sleepless period last night, thinking about a high school Latin teacher. I wondered why we use as plurals, forums and magnums and not fora and magna. Sooooooooo at 3 AM out came Mr. Webster who lists both as appropriate plurals in English. Also checked continuum and both continua and continuums are acceptable. Since I am not Roman, I guess I can be comfortable with either. [Smile] Maybe I have too much time on my hands [Confused]

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Four years of Latin in high school and then two semesters in college (took my hs senior stuff as an elective -- don't know how my counselor missed that ho ho ho).
Anyway my favorite phrase, adopted by one of my classes as its motto, is: Semper ubi sub ubi.
That's: Always wear under wear.
Amazing how much it helps with vocabulary and derivatives though.
Favorite Latin phrase is a popular one:

Non Illegitimi Carborundum (Don't let the bastards grind you down)

Speaking of plurals, is it Barolos or Baroli?

In junior year of high school, if we made a foolish mistake, our teacher's response was...

Pudeat te ignorantiae tuae stupidissime.

Needs no translation.

Our other favorite Latin phrase (this was a Jesuit school) was the translation of the sentence 'He knows faith'. The latin is...

Fidem scit.

All of you who had latin will know the correct pronunciation! [Big Grin]
I like that Budman. Fidem Scit, much like that TV production company. Sit Ubu sit. I wonder if that had a latin translation?
Must be Baroli. I keep seeing the word forum and thinking about fora and fauna - the fauna on the fora drinking Baroli from forna - am I losing it? [Razz]
Maybe I'm a little slow, but ever since I joined these boards, I've wondered about why we use dthe term " forums" when it clearly should be "fora." Rather than post, i tried the novel idea of running a search and came across this nice little thread.

It deserves a bump.

I'm what Willis was talking about!
When I was in public high school we had a Latin Scrabble team. We won the county public school championship, but we got slaughtered when we challenged the local Catholic school, "Our Lady of Good Counsel".


"Life is short....start with the dessert."

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