Hi, I have the following for sale or trade:
2000 Leoville Las Cases
2000 Margaux
1999 Ornellaia
2000 Mouton Rothshild
1997 Banfi Brunello
1979 Gaja 3L
1990 Pichon Comtesse 1.5L

Please post a thread of your email address and any trade offers I will get back to you. Thanks
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have 1997 Solaia (3) and 2000 Lafleur(3)
interested in trading for 1998 Ornellaia and 2000 Margaux, Lafite, Latour or Mouton. will be in southern California in February
contact me at richardbeeken@shaw.ca
I would be willing to trade up if that is of interest to you. I have quite a few value 2000 Bordeaux, and would consider trading more for fewer.

Contact: melrnh@yahoo.com
Would be interested in trading 2000 Lafite for 2000 Leoville (anyone). Would be happy to agree to reasonable price/ratio. If interested please contact eotness@yahoo.com.

I'm interested in the 2000 Leoville and Margaux? How much? Would you be interested in some 2000 Lynch? email me at pj@jrkmgmt.com

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