...ready to go.
Buyer pays shipping.
And buys me a beer.
And Lunch.
I kid about the beer and lunch.
I think I have priced these to move, but open to offers on buyers of the whole six pack. Have sold a bunch here and ebob. Plenty of references if needed.

2006 Inman Family Pinot Noir OGV $35
2005 Breggo Pinot Noir And Valley $31.79 Wink
2005 Breggo Pinot Noir Ferrington $35
2006 Windy Oaks Pinot Noir Henrys $40
2006 Alesia Pinot Noir Chileno $33
2005 Kisler Pinot Noir Kistler $65

email to: decaturwinedude@bellsouth.net
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