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I'll be attending a wine dinner with friends and the pot-luck theme is to bring a bottle of wine and a dish to go along with it. I thought it would be fun to bring an Orange Wine, notably Terre Siciliane Bianco, which appears to be a Grillo. I have tasted this and it is quite tannic for a white, tight, but I found it to be interesting. Oddly to me,  a vinegar heavy or sour dish is the first I thought, but recommendations are helpful for anyone willing to share prior experiences with pairing with this style of wine. Thanks a bunch!

Link to this wine can be found here: 

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I've never had that particular wine.  But some sort of brined and roasted chicken with wild mushrooms comes to mind.  Lidia Bastianich's Friulian fricco (you can make one big one) also should work.  Strictly speaking, a cioppino might work, but that is a lot of trouble and I don't know about timing and travel, etc, so I'd probably leave that for a different day unless you are just popping next door.

So, yeah... I would say heartier traditional white wine fare, all of the dishes that came to my mind are, in fact, heavier on the sour / acidic notes, though certainly all still balanced.

Now the ideas are coming to my head. Thank you. I am not preparing the main, yet I could brine and roast bite-sized chicken tenders and chicken oysters (perhaps crusted or breaded) along with a variety of whole roasted mushrooms and serve them with various dipping sauces which could hold most of the sour and acidic elements. I will have access to an oven, so I can prepare the ingredients of time and finish at the event!

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