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I need/want a food processor for a few things in particular.

1. Mayonaise it says to get a food processor where you can pour the oil in drop by drop.

2. Sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables. I want a blade to shred.

3. Pesto

Do I just need a basic model, what do you recommend. I am going to go look, but I would like advice from any of you cooks on the forum.
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I can tell you get the biggest and best one you can afford.

11 cups is the minimum I would go and you want something heavy duty enough to make dough in too. Trust me on that one.

The Kitchen Aid 11 and 14 cup models are great. They can be had for 250-350 or so and are worth every dime. I have had my current model going on 5 years now and use it almost once a week.
Well,I agree on getting good products. I have a Kitchenaid mixer(newlly repaced from katrina)and cusinart appliance and a black and decker stainless food processor. Just got it and it was $50.00 at Target. I will see how it goes. I had a white one and it lasted almost 2 yrs. The pastic lid broke, so the safety device won't allow it to work. But, this model seems more sturdy. When this one breaks I'l get a kitchenaid.
Until I get over it! If you were in my shoes, you would know how I feel. And I am so serious about that. It's not just stuff, it is starting a whole new life. Try that and see if you like it!
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(newlly repaced from katrina)
At what point are you going to stop bringing up the fact that your stuff was ruined in Katrina?

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