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Another vote for canned liver. Fauchon, Hediard among others make excellent "foie de canard entier". When in France I stuff myself to the limit with this delicacy, then buy some more, together with all kinds of rillettes (oie, lapin, etc.) and eat nonstop on a nonstop flight back. How I manage to maintain my weight at 170lbs I dunno, but I do.
Originally posted by ArieS:
Grun, have you ever had Comtesse du Barry?

Many times, too bad it's not avalaible here.

I am not sure you can find foie gras entier cru here in US. Everything I see is either blocs de foie gras or fg entier. These need not to be cooked, just open and serve. Only raw foie gras needs to be fried. Other kinds are served as is with a toast and simple greens, sometimes with a bit of sea salt sprinkled on top.

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