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An earlier post got me craving and I was wondering if there are any good West coast foie gras suppliers? Hudson Valley seems reputable, but they are WAY across on the other coast, so I just wondered if there was a West coast equal.

In addition, what is the refigerator shelf life for fresh foie gras. I see that Hudson Valley sells 1.5 pound fresh foie gras, which may be a bit much for the Mrs. and myself and would like to share with family 5 days later, but don't want it to spoil before that time.
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Hopefully, 99¢ Boones Strawberry Hill will read this thread. Of the regular contributors to this board, he is probably the leading authority on this subject matter. Seriously though, Sonoma Foie Gras is the only producer that comes to mind. Act before 2012 though because of a California state law banning the production and sale of foie gras made from the livers of force-fed ducks and geese. If you're caught eating it after that date you'll be put in prison and fed your meals via gavage.
Originally posted by Sky:
Hey you two, please do not hijack my thread. I asked two questions and neither of them had to do with your pevious thread. If you do not have something helpful to add, please post your own thread.

Dude, sorry Sky and umm, sorry Fat Boy. Sky, check your local gourmet food store if you have one, or better yet, ask your favorite restaurant that serves it. Usually, the exec chef can either order it for you, or recommend the highest quality. Good luck, I don't mean to be a "stinker," but I hope this ban passes. Smile

I’m not sure where you live but Dean & DeLuca carries it, albeit a little pricey. The last time I was in the San Mateo Draeger’s they had it as well. I believe that Draeger’s has locations in Menlo Park and Los Altos also. I may be wrong about this, but they may even have a location on the east side of the Bay in Walnut Creek. Draeger's is also rather expensive.

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