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Monica Smaak posted:

Hi There, 

I found a dead fly in a sealed bottle of 2016 California Syrah. 
how does this happen and can it affect my health? I drank two glasses before I found it. it is -10 today and there are no flies around. 

thanks, monica

If you had time for 2 glasses, and then time to post this... I'm guessing you'll be just fine.


If you had two glasses of wine, my suspicion is that the wine bottle was not sealed. Elsewise, how do you get the wine out? It may have been sealed at some point, and we don't really know when the fly arrived. You say it was -10, and I assume you mean centigrade.

It would seem unlikely that the fly got in the wine at the time the bottle was sealed at the winery, and remained intact for so long.  I'd be relieved that I was drinking wine with a fresh fly, rather than one that had deteriorated.

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