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I've got a great recipe, but my question with FISH TACOS is more specific to the fish preparation. I generally use halibut, but others (even tilapia) have worked well.

My question is around how you like the fish prepared. For me, fried is last in the line. I really think grilled is the way to go. Broiled fish for the tacos works in a pinch when the weather is bad, but fried fish covers up all the other flavors.

Here's the question: do you like your fish in fish tacos fried, grilled or broiled? Cool
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I love baja style beer battered tacos, but grilled are my favorite.

Seabass (white or calico) or any firm white fish without too strong of flavor. Halibut is good also.

I always put green cabbage (never lettuce),

"pico de gallo" (salsa of diced tomato, onion, serrano, jalapeno, cilantro)

mayo hot sauce mixture (I like the "hot" version of Pico Pica)

and a wedge of lime.

Best fish taco in my book. Oh and homemade tortillas will make them extra good. mmm

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